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Name Lankow, Robert F.
Other names used Bob
Robert Fred
Deceased date 11/26/2009
Education Rufus King High School
Occupation Cutler Hammer Corporation
Truck Driver.

Titles & Honors Seaman 1st Class
History Robert Lankow was drafted on August 30, 1943 and served until discharged in March 1946. He attended boot camp at Great Lakes, Illinois and storekeeper's school at Burdett College in Massachusetts until being reassigned to Norfolk, Virginia. He volunteered for duty in New Orleans, Louisiana and joined the deck crew of the USS LST-500 on January 13, 1944, participating in the new ship's shakedown cruise. While enroute to Europe, the convoy was attacked by German submarines. The ship participated in the landings in the second wave on Omaha Beach during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. They made a total of 43 crossings during the invasion, landing at each of the beaches. Lankow and his other shipmates also participated in transporting the army of occupation from Frankfurt, Germany to Oslo, Norway.
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Robert Lankow - OH 1090

In this oral history interview, Robert "Bob" F. Lankow, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, discusses his experiences in the Navy during World War II, including his participation in the invasion of Normandy. Lankow recalls hearing the news about the attack on Pearl Harbor, entering the Navy at age 18, and boot camp at Great Lakes (Illinois). Assigned to storekeeper's school at Burdett College (Massachusetts), he touches on having leave alone in Boston, guard duty at the Fargo Building, and reassignment to Norfolk (Virginia). After volunteering for duty in New Orleans, Lankow talks about joining the deck crew of LST-500 and going on its shakedown cruise. He describes heading for Europe with

Image of Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.3

Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.3

Badge, Chest, Commemorative. Oval shape. On the front are stamped images of paratroopers and a Douglas C-47 Skytrain plane, the Normandy coast line, two ships, three Czech Hedgehog anti-tank obstacles, and the word "NORMANDIE", there is recessed colored engravings of blue waves, and the year "2004" is in blue, white, and red. Superimposed on top of the stamped backing are three gold figures depicting running infantrymen. On reverse side, the text "Conseil Régional de Basse Normandie" is stamped, and "Robert LANKOW, 11829" is engraved.

Image of Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.1.1-.2a,b

Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.1.1-.2a,b

Medal, Jubilee of Liberty. Still within its original box. The medal is suspended from a ribbon of rainbow colors. On the front of the medal is inscribed, "OVERLORD 6 JUIN 1944" on the upper part of the medal, over an image of the Normandy coast line. Flags of the allied nations fill the area of the coast line where the English Channel is located, and the names of the landing beaches are inscribed along the bottom of the medal, "UTAH. OMAHA" / "GOLD.JUNO.SWORD". On the reverse side is the Torch of Freedom with the word "LIBERTÉ" at the top. The torch image is surrounded by the device of William the Conqueror ‘Diex Aie’ ("God is with us" in Norman French). At the bottom is "NORMANDIE MCMXCIV"

Image of Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.2

Robert F. Lankow - V2009.42.2

Identification Badge on a black lanyard. Lanyard is a braided fabric. On one side it reads "United States of America / SIXTIETH ANNIVERSARY WORLD WAR II / TO HONOR THOSE WHO SERVED / WORLD WAR II VETERAN / ANCIEN COMBATTANT / v 16469". On the other are the seals of the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Navy (Marine Corps), the Department of the Air Force, the Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine. It also reads "World War II 60th Anniversary, TO HONOR THOSE WHO SERVED".