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Collection Stanley P. Catarozoli
WVM ID Number OH 1566
Object Name Oral History
Title Oral History Interview with Stanley P. Catarozoli, Stephen E. Ambrose WWII Oral History Class Project, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Date 1996
Event World War II
Narrator's Name Stanley P. Catarozoli
Interviewer's Name Peter (last name unknown)
Description In this oral history interview, Stanley P. Catarozoli, a Waukesha, Wisconsin native, discusses his World War II service in the Army Air Forces as a B-17 gunner in the 392nd Bomb Group.

Drafted in 1943, Catarozoli touches on washing out of cadet training, becoming a ball turret gunner, and shipping overseas after six months of training. Stationed at North Hampton (England) with the 392nd Bomb Group, he describes life at the airfield and the targets of his thirty-five combat missions, most of which were in Germany. Sent back to the States after he did enough missions, he states he would have gone back into combat in B-29s if the war hadn't ended. Catarozoli talks about the risks during missions, the importance of staying in tight formations, and his fear when flying through flak clouds. He tells of losing two engines over Munich and having to throw all extra gear overboard, including the gun turret. He reflects on his emotional response to killing people and the patriotism infusing the soldiers. Catarozoli discusses keeping in touch with friends from the service. He comments on flying a mission with a green crew, jokes about becoming a prisoner of war in Sweden for safety, addresses jealousy soldiers had towards airmen, and portrays the perseverance of the English through the difficulties of war. He speaks about flying bombing missions on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Battle of the Bulge.

Catarozoli emphasizes his relief that the atomic bombs assured he wouldn't have to go to war in the Pacific.
Extent and Medium of Description Transcript: 18 pgs.
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Biographical Record Catarozoli, Stanley P.